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Mother Lovers Society 9

Posted in Movie Review on July 22nd, 2013
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Mother Lovers Society 9Streaming exclusively on our theater network, Sweetheart Video’s brand new Mother Lovers Society 9 is a tale of four girls, each in hot pursuit of a mature woman. Director Dana Vespoli brings out the best in each of these ladies, younger and older alike.

Adorable young Jessie Andrews has a problem, and it’s not just an addiction. It’s her need to fuck her sobriety counselor, sexy MILF Nicki Hunter. Jessie just can’t stop thinking about tasting that pussy. Nicki breaks the rules and has a passionate fling with Jessie, because how can she resist the advances of such an alluring 21-year-old vixen?

But Jessie’s not done. She sees that her friend, aspiring thespian Chastity Lynn, is hot for her acting coach, Magdalene St. Michaels. Having successfully bedded her own mature crush object, Jessie shares her secrets of seduction with Chastity. Normally Magdalene is the aggressive one in her scenes, and it’s just as exciting to see hot young Chastity be the one in pursuit. You can’t blame Chastity for wanting a chance to suck on those big tits, and you really can’t fault Magdalene for saying yes.

Ash Hollywood was born to play the sexy girl who winds up on the wrong side of the law. When she meets parole officer Nina Hartley, Ash puts the moves on the mature blonde. It’s a pretty kinky romp with some ass-focused action, including spanking and analingus.

Young brunette Teal Conrad’s dad is dating super-MILF Julia Ann, so you really can’t blame the girl for having a serious crush. When she lets Julia know of her attraction, Teal finds that her dad isn’t the only one in the family that the gorgeous older blonde would like to fuck!

These women are old enough to be these girls’ mothers, but that doesn’t get in the way of some passionate lovemaking in that signature Sweetheart Video style.

Running Time: 122 minutes
Released: 08/2013
Studio Name: Mile High Media  Sweetheart Video
Series: Mother Lovers Society
Director: Dana Vespoli
Stars: Chastity Lynn   Magdalene St. Michaels   Jessie Andrews   Ash Hollywood   Teal Conrad   Nina Hartley   Julia Ann   Nicki Hunter
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Teen   International   All Sex   M.I.L.F.   All Girl   High Definition   Older / Younger

Girls Tribbing Girls 2: Innocent Girls: Seductions and Tribbing

Posted in Movie Review on April 2nd, 2013
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Girls Tribbing Girls 2: Innocent Girls Seductions And TribbingPretty Gracie Glam and Jessie Andrews star in a luxuriously slow-paced, abundantly sensual scene directed by Nica Noelle. Innocent Girls: Seductions and Tribbing is another scene from the second installment of the popular Girls Tribbing Girls series. Like the previous vignettes from GTG2, there’s a focus on the sensation known as the autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), Nica’s latest prevailing porn theme. If you’ve ever felt a tingling in your brain and even throughout your body when somebody brushed your hair, then you’ll understand what gets the girls’ motors running in this scene.

Gracie and Jessie are interviewed about things they like, from their favorite color and ice cream to what they love about each other. For Gracie the best thing about Jessie is her hair, and fortunately for her she gets to spend several minutes indulging her fascination with her friend’s waist-length, honey-colored mane. Gracie runs her fingers and a brush through Jessie’s hair, turning both of them on and leading to butterfly-flutter caresses and deep French kisses.

After both girls have stripped down to their panties, Gracie climbs on top and gently grinds her clit into Jessie’s. Soon Gracie pulls off Jessie’s hot pink panties, which they bite together sensually in another hot kiss. Still on top, Gracie tribs Jessie’s bare pussy and you can see the wet spot forming on Gracie’s pale lavender panties – unless, that is, you’re too focused on Gracie’s famously rounded ass. It’s an understandable fixation. Jessie helps Gracie take off her underwear and sits on Gracie’s lap, giving a perfect view of Jessie’s tiny, perky tits as their trimmed but still hairy pussies meet with no cloth barrier. The bare clit-to-clit tribbing gets them even more excited.

Following a few minutes of that bump-and-grind routine, Jessie heads down between Gracie’s legs and makes her cum with some pussy eating. Meanwhile, Jessie paws at Gracie’s 34B cups.

Just like Jessie and Gracie, you’ll be left breathless and satisfied by the end of this 33-minute scene. Anyone who enjoys lesbian scenes that build the heat gradually to a volcanic intensity will enjoy watching these nubile beauties indulge their mutual attraction.

Stars: Gracie Glam   Jessie Andrews
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Teen   Gonzo   All Girl   High Definition
Running Time: 33 minutes
Released: 02/2013
Studio Name: Girl Candy Films
Series: Girls Tribbing Girls
Director: Nica Noelle

Featured Movie: The Bombshells 3

Posted in Uncategorized on October 4th, 2011
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The Bombshells 3

Are you ready? ‘Cause we’re about to drop a bombshell on you … the third volume of The Bombshells series from Elegant Angel. Award-winning director, William H., continues his assault on decency and coital drabness with a pressure cooker of a movie crammed full of starlets who are crammed full of cock.

The ever-lovely Lexi Belle does a dirty duet with Manuel Ferrara, though a chorus of fingers finds their way into her asshole while he fucks her. Full-bushed Jessi Andrews spreads wide her pussy lips for James Deen’s tongue and giant dick. Raven-haired sexpot Jayden Jaymes and her bulbous boobs toss in a tit-fuck to complement her tryst with Manuel in his reprise appearance. Perky Brooklyn Lee ramps up the heat heading down to her local ATM, first to make a cock withdrawal, then a saliva deposit on Ramon Nomar’s beefy love stick. Finally, Juelz Ventura rocks and rolls with Toni Ribas, taking a sweet load to the face.

The Bombshells 3 explodes onto the screen with all the heat and gritty performances you’ve come to expect from the cracked crew at Elegant Angel. There’s not one dud in the bunch, but did you really think there would be? Nah, we didn’t think so. Check it out!


Running Time:   175 minutes
Released:   09/2011

Series:   The Bombshells
Director:   William H. Nutsack

Swimsuit Calendar Girls 2011

Posted in Uncategorized on August 2nd, 2011
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Swimsuit Calendar Girls 2011

Way back when, before porn was rampant and computers dominated every household, there were very few good visual options for guys desperately wanting to rub one out. Unless you had a father or older brother whose secret stashes of Penthouse or Playboy magazines weren’t all that secret, and you had a foolproof plan to secure one or more targets and then return them to their exact spots before anyone was the wiser, the only good options were: department store catalogs or lingerie merchant catalogs such as Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood.

A less appealing option was to wait a whole year for the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition to hit the newsstands. While a year back then was an eternity, the plus side was that the girls were usually more appealing and more natural looking compared to the stuffy MILF types in department store catalogs, and less slutty than the specimens in the lingerie catalogs. Add to that the fact that you felt safe stashing a sports magazine in your room, unlike a Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog, which would have aroused all kinds of suspicions should a parent or sibling find it, and you had yourself a pretty viable option.

Of course, computers and porn have changed all that, but even the prevalence of smut everywhere you turn hasn’t completely extinguished the lure of the swimsuit model. There is something timeless and classy and overtly appealing about a gorgeous woman prancing around the shoreline in little else but a bikini top and some skimpy bottoms. It’s sexy, yet it leaves so much for the imagination that one is wont to stare for long periods of time trying to form a solid image of what lies beneath … that is, until Elegant Angel and award-winning director William H. get hold of the concept.

Swimsuit Calendar Girls 2011 leaves almost nothing to the imagination, save for the few minutes of tease that lead off each scene. That’s about as close to the classic swimsuit calendar fare that you’re going to witness. What happens next is the sort of thing that probably goes on behind the scenes of the photo shoots, where the boyfriend has been on set watching his sexy woman taunting and teasing the lens with her firm figure and luscious features for hours on end. And when the wrap finally arrives, the two find a secluded spot and tear into each other’s bodies like a fat kid to chocolate.

Starring super-hot European beauty, Liza Del Sierra, alongside Lela Star, Breanne Benson, Holly Michaels and Jesse Andrews, Swimsuit Calendar Girls 2011 has enough rim jobbing, ATMs, anal sex and torrid fucking to make you forget all about, newsstands, subscriptions, department stores and self-love in the pre-microchip era.

Thank goodness for that!


Running Time:   148 minutes
Released:   07/2011
Director:   William H. Nutsack

Cougars, Kittens and Cock

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Cougars, Kittens and Cock

Perhaps it’s the Easter weekend hangover or the fact that we’ve proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the mushy sugar clumps called Peeps really are nothing but brain-rotting foodstuffs, which seems to keep leading us to cite Biblical references in these reviews, but it’s not entirely our fault. A couple days ago, we discussed the classic film Expose Me Now, which is nothing but a sexed up Cain and Able story. Even the most religiously phobic among us would have to be able to see that. And now Jules Jordan and his madcap posse of smut dealers bring us Cougars, Kittens and Cock, which any devout practitioner of porny-ism knows is the holy triumvirate of all things sex. Okay, let’s call it the holy mono-virate and holy di-feminate if we’re to be borderline faithful to Latin roots. What that means, for those who have no idea what the hell we’re trying to say, is that this film has youth, experience and a big fat penis on which the two collide.

We begin this saga with the lovely, big-breasted Diamond Foxxx and her co-conspirator Tristyn Kennedy. The two are trying on swimwear and lingerie when Diamond’s hubby comes home. Diamond informs Tristyn that the two are swingers. Possibly feigning ignorance, Tristyn is invited to watch or participate. She decides to observe, but can’t hold out past the deep blowjob Diamond unleashes on her hubby’s giant dick. Soon she is inverted with her mouth on his tool and her pussy in his mouth as the two of them commit stand-up 69 to Diamond’s delight. Diamond gets fucked as Tristyn gets eaten out by the boy, and the reverse is also true. The three get it on in all kinds of fucking/pussy munching combos, but join forces in a cum swap to conclude the scene.

Cutie Jessi Palmer is engaged in a tough workout. Though she should be concerned with her repetitions, she and her trainer, Mark Anthony seem hellbent on repeatedly chastising Joslyn James for what seems to be a “stripper workout”. Maybe the two could just ask Tiger Woods when they see him as Joslyn was famously or infamously one of the golfer’s many, many mistresses. Jessi is taken aback when she busts the fitness buff popping a chubby in his black jeans. A Romeo he’s not, but he doesn’t need to be when Joslyn busts out with an insulting jab at Jessi regarding her inability to know what to do with a giant cock. The feistiness between the two starts a sexual bidding war for the trainer’s crotch barbell. The victor is not the highest bidder, but the deepest swallower. But the battle doesn’t stop where the uvula begins. It wages on, covering the threeway, pussy eating and dual facial fronts. It appears all are winners.

Nicole Aniston is trying to drill formal English terminology into Puma Swede’s head. Her conversational English isn’t exactly poor, but she sometimes gaffes on words like “octopus” calling it “octopussy”. Hey, if you’ve got to fuck up a word, why not err on the side of James Bond films? What’s more glaring is her complete absence of fashion sense. She prances around in an ill-fitting swimsuit, but doesn’t see the problem. Interestingly enough, she seems to have learned the best lesson possible when trying to survive in America: show skin, act dumb and prey on the first sucker you can find to give you every material wish while you lounge around the pool as your vocation. As proof, Puma calls over her boy toy and starts stroking his cock. As further evidence that she has learned the concept of hospitality, Puma offers it up to Nicole, who eagerly begins to swallow his swollen head. Nicole is a relative newbie, but her bob hairstyle, tan body and all-natural features make her an absolute doll. As with most dolls, she gets manhandled by boys and this case is no different.  Her ass throbs beautifully as she rides that beefy dick. Puma’s tits do the same when that thing slithers between her overstuffed boobs. It’s almost a shame their faces are doomed to be ruined by cum when this scene is complete.

Holly Michaels is busy tweeting in class when she should be learning geometry. How else will she know what shape of cock will fit in her cylindrical pussy? Thankfully, understanding circumference is really all one needs to know and that can be done with the eye test. Like Puma before her, Holly has learned the true lessons of life that will get her far. Flash some skin, suck some cock and you’re home free. Well, almost. She still has to contend with principal Rayveness who doesn’t take too kindly to educational slacking. Ironically, it’s teacher Erik Everhard who needs to learn that lesson more than Holly. He should know that if he needs to fuck in school it’s Rayveness who he needs to approach first. We last discussed Rayveness in this blog while covering her in the Smash! Pictures release Friends and Family 2, a really fucked up expose of the real life story of … Tristyn Kennedy, whom you may recall from scene 1. Rayveness is one of those stars who simply never seems to age. Her giant tits, shapely ass and lovely face are dam near impervious to wrinkles and dimples, though that does nothing to protect her innards from dick. Here she runs the gamut of threeway action, minus anal, including an oral daisy chain. Both girls split the serving of cum between them and all appear to be a little more educated than before.

And what film would be complete without the gratuitous pool boy scene? Jessie Andrews is anxious to get a closer look at how Ramon wields his stick. Tyler Faith puts an end to that really quick, sending Jessie to her room. Though she’s living under her parent’s roof, she is 18 and skirts rules all the time. That includes the rule that says she shouldn’t jeopardize the pool boy’s livelihood by sucking his cock when she’s essentially under house arrest. But what good are rules if nobody tries to break them? She hunkers down on the bed with him and blows him like a pro. Her tiny natural tits are as adorable as her tight little body and juicy slit. If his pussy cleaning ability is any indication of his pool cleaning skills, then this guy is a keeper. Of course, the ruckus the two create attracts the attention of Tyler, who is up in her business again faster than you can say “You’re not the boss of me!”.  The three go through the riding, sucking and cumshot rituals just like the others, though Jessie does finger Tyler’s asshole while she sits atop Ramon’s cock in CG.

Contrast is always nice for visuals and CK&C has it in spades. There is youth versus experience. There are giant tits versus small ones. And there is maturity versus petulance. Add to it the contrast in settings and some smoking hot fucking and you’ve got yourself a winning porn flick, by God. Oops! There we go again!





Running Time:   184 minutes
Released:   03/2011
Director:   Chris Streams


Blowjob Winner 8

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Blowjob Winner 8

From the creators of the excellent Fuck-A-Fan series comes the 8th installment of Immoral Productions second-best line of fan-inclusive XXX smut: Blowjob Winner. Another warped brain spawn of Jim Powers and Porno Dan Leal, the series gives sweepstakes winners the chance to get mobbed and molested by girls that, until now, only resided in these lucky contestants’ dreams.

The beauty of series like these is that you’re dealing with the general public. When non-professional porn lovers and professional porn doers collide on a lighted set there is no telling what kind of results will come; there’s also no telling if the guys will cum. There is also no telling what they will say, do or (insert adverb + action verb of your choosing here), which is the potential train wreck that makes the whole concept so damn intriguing.

Take Joe from Madison. He is a casino employee whose day is coming up cherries. Though he’s got a porn-worthy cock, he was brought back out of pity because he was somehow unable to fuck Jessie Andrews on the Fuck-A-Fan set. Hey, it was called Fuck-A-Fan, not Fuck-A-Star, so she must be somewhat culpable. Jessie returns in a fluffer’s role this time with Heather Starlet. The two prime his cock for big-titted Charisma Cappelli, who then does a super suck-off with a bit of titty fucking in there for posterity’s sake. This time he manages to squeeze off a few rounds right onto their lovely faces.

Next up on the docket is Travis. Big T is a construction worker, so he’s good at erections. Will he be able to produce when the moment is nigh? Jessie Andrews, along with fluffers Charisma Cappelli and Sea J. Raw see to it that he does indeed.

Bryan is a day-laborer who works while going to college at the University of Illinois. This English Lit. major saw the contest online and signed up. He won. Actually though, he lost a thumb war which would have landed him a sex romp with fan favorite Sara Jay. Instead, he had to settle for the blowjob. Hey, there are worse things in life for sure.

Finally, a 19-year-old insurance salesman from Springfield, Illinois gets his simultaneous moment of ecstasy and revenge on his ex-girlfriend when he gets cordoned off and gotten off on the couch. Sea J. Raw takes the lead in this one, accompanied by Jessie Andrews and Sara Jay. Though Jessie is technically one of the fluffers in this one, she gets herself off beforehand with the help of Sara and a vibrator. Check out the pool of girl dew she leaves on the couch!

While Blowjob Winner 8 is as fun and spontaneous as the others in the series, it will have to be content playing second-fiddle to the Fuck-A-Fan line-up. That’s because there are just so many more things that can go wrong while fucking on camera, which is part of the thrill of watching. Remember though that quality is sometimes just as good, if not better than quantity.

Running Time:   63 minutes
Released:   10/2010
Studio Name:   Immoral Productions
Series:   Blowjob Winner
Director:   Jim Powers

Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends

Posted in New Release on February 4th, 2011
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Finger Lickin' Girlfriends“Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends” is the latest all-girl movie from the increasingly awesome Smash Pictures. With great results, Francesca Le brings a performer’s perspective to the director’s seat. Each scene has a hint of plot, enough to give context, and even the opening chit-chat is sexy.

Francesca Le is a hot cheerleading coach consoling her best cheerleader, Ella Milano, when she finds out Ella has been kissing the other girls and developing a bad reputation. As a good coach, Francesca offers an intriguing form of support. Francesca assures Ella that it’s normal to feel this way, but that some girls might not. Francesca offers to “let” Ella practice kissing with her. She’s careful not to specify that all kisses have to be on the lips, which is good because it’s hot watching Francesca and Ella take turns kissing each other’s nipples and tight bodies. Watching a sexy cheerleading coach and her cute head cheerleader eat out and finger-fuck each other is a fantasy come true.

Carolyn Reese is most beautifully playing with her pleasure zone in a bubble bath when Jessie Andrews barges in looking for some girl called Melissa, but Carolyn isn’t fazed. After calmly explaining that Melissa had to take care of some things, Carolyn says that she has taken care of something too, just now. Carolyn takes the opportunity to educate Jessie on “making yourself feel good” in the bath tub. Jessie is vocal in her appreciation of her older friend’s oral skills, and she’s great at returning the favor. If you like wet sex, don’t miss it.

Karlie Montana, looking like a lanky Katy Perry in pigtails, is having girl time with India Summer, who has set up a game of Twister. While they start the game, India grills Karlie on her sex life. The game is abandoned when India discovers that Karlie is getting no action from either sex. Their kissing is tender and sweet, with dancing tongues. The more experienced India takes the lead in playing with Karlie’s nipples and licking her clit, but Karlie gives back as good as she got. They stroke each other’s pussies side by side and finish up by tribbing atop the Twister board.

In her porn debut, Tiffany Thompson is a virgin with a cheating boyfriend. She visits Raylene, who sagely advises Tiffany to practice sexy moves on her. Never mind that Raylene doesn’t have the same parts as Tiffany’s two-timing dude, because Tiffany would be better off sticking with girls, judging by this. In almost no time, Raylene has Tiffany naked and is licking her pussy. Tiffany pants in pleasure, making her sexy, handful-sized, tan-lined tits rise and fall in a way that’ll make you tingle in your pants. When Tiffany eats out Raylene, there is a very nice P.O.V. shot from Raylene’s perspective, which means that we get this sexy newcomer gazing into the camera as she sucks her first clit. This is one of the more passionate scenes and it should make MILF and teen fans happy.

Poor little bitch girl Sabrina Maree has called Social Services on her parents because they wouldn’t buy her a pony. Sabrina is luckier than she deserves, because her social worker is Kylie Ireland, one of the most gorgeous mature redheads in porn. Kylie isn’t buying Sabrina’s “poor me” act, but since Sabrina likes playing games, Kylie has a fun one for her. It involves telling Kylie what she and her boyfriend do sexually and what she’s done with one of her girlfriends, while Kylie does some of those things to her. Sabrina has big, beautiful tits and a cute little pussy that are very responsive to Kylie’s touch. There’s another hot P.O.V. sequence when Sabrina licks Kylie’s pussy, and they end with some fingering and grinding. This is another great scene and an excellent way to close the movie.

If you’re the kind of porn fan who wants to see more breast play, then you’re in luck. Every scene has at least a little, some more than others, and all of it is stimulating. Even better, there are no toys, just sexy women making each other cum using their bodies. From a studio that is already one of the best, “Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends” raises their game and it would make a great series.

Stars:   Francesca Le Ella Milano Tiffany Thompson Kylie Ireland Raylene Karlie Montana India Summer Carolyn Reese Sabrina Maree Jessie Andrews
Categories: Lesbian Teen All Sex All Girl High Definition
Running Time: 137 minutes
Released: 02/2011
Studio Name:   Smash Pictures
Director:   Francesca Le’

Registered Nurses 3

Posted in New Release on September 29th, 2010
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Registered Nurses 3

What health plans do these patients have? Seriously. We’ve all heard of Cadillac plans before, but these are more like Bentleys. Well, except for the “bent” part. It seems when you are placed into the care of one of these sexy medical practitioners, you are guaranteed to have your afflictions all straightened out. Okay, replace “afflictions” with the word “cock” and that’s more accurate.

It’s difficult to see how any of these women made it through nursing school and became registered health professionals. From what we’re able to gather, their knowledge of the body seems to stretch from just below the navel to right above the ischium. (That’s the hip bone in case you were wondering.) Sure, the penis is a great source of rejuvenative power for most guys, but unless you happen to be Marvin Gaye, sexual healing isn’t the only or necessarily the best method of rehabilitation.

Okay, it is. And it doesn’t matter how much schooling you’ve undertaken or how many sheepskins you have dangling from your wall, if you can get the job done and make the patient better that’s all that matters in the end.

Speaking of ends, Alexis Texas, one in a long line of Buttwomen, stars in this one. She’s more infatuated with the resident doctor, Evan Stone, than with her patients, but she certainly tries his patience with her cock infatuation. Watch her dirty talk her way to a good fuck.

The rest of the talent is what we often refer to in the business as “sluts”…oh, and “up and comers”. Jessie Andrews, Katie Jordan, and the wonderfully colorful human sketch pad Ryder Skye are all quite the sexpots. Highlights include Ryder double-fist jacking Ralph Long to orgasm, Jessie Andrews beautifully puffy pussy lips and Katie Jordan’s bout of rump shaking.

Keep your eye, however, on the unbelievable Lexi Bloom in this one. The way she sweet talks and fucks Marco Rivera and his extremities back to functionality after a recent bout of paralysis is exceptionally hot. She is pleasing on the eyes, the ears and she has a scintillatingly structured ass to boot.

Still, one question remains: what kind of health plan do these people have?