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Featured Movie: Mothers Teaching Daughters How to Suck Cock 10

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Mothers Teaching Daughters How to Suck Cock 10

Before writing came along, families used to pass their secrets and traditions down through the generations via the spoken word. Pencils and tablets and typewriters and computers have changed all that, but there are still some things – like sucking cock – that are best conferred orally.

Face it: some women just know how to blow boners better than others. And when those women grow up to be moms they want to make sure their family reputations stay intact. That means bestowing upon their daughters the proper way to suck sausage. And because we as humans tend to be visual learners these mature MILFs invoke the “show me, don’t tell me” rule. Meanwhile, the gang over at Devil’s Film invoke the “film me, don’t just engage in hearsay” rule, committing every lesson taught by these cock-hungry honeys to disc as proof of their abilities.

Now, the fact that everyone on the planet will soon know the well-kept mouth musings of some very horny mother-daughter combos is not ideal for preserving their oral heirlooms, but who are we kidding? One glance back in time to your schoolyard days will tell you that word about a woman’s good fucking ability spreads almost as fast her legs, so the secret would have been out soon enough.

Jessica Bangkok is happy Yuki Mori is back in the states after a stint in Japan with her old-fashioned dad. Because she didn’t get out much overseas she is glad mom is going to supply her wildlife with some neighborly cock on which to hone her skills.

When Anglea Addison spies her hot, but prudish daughter, Lexi Ryan, putting off her boyfriend’s advances she steps in to save the relationship. Hey, you can’t keep a good man down … or at least not his cock if you want him to stick around.

Aiden Aspen is leaving for college soon, but mom, Charley Chase, is afraid that she’s going to sleep with anything that moves. She cooks up a ruse with her man to teach Charley the finer art of cock sucking. The logic behind the plan goes like this: if she makes a man come with her mouth, he won’t have the impetus or the sperm left to fuck her pussy and maybe get her preggo. Hmmm … sounds like mom is the one who needs to go to college!

Isabella Rossa reminds Herschel Savage that it’s their one month anniversary, but he’s too busy fondling her tits because, as he says, she’s a hot mother fucker. Isabella suggests he might want to be a daughter fucker too, but Rylie Richman is a good girl, the complete opposite of her slutty mom. Yet when it comes out that Rylie is willing to learn it’s not the only thing that ends up coming out.

Blonde trollop Kaylee Hilton is busying herself in a make-out session with her boyfriend when mom, Karen Fisher, barges in. She’s evidently been watching from afar and is appalled by what she sees. No girl of hers is going to be a cock tease and with her help she’ll nip that problem in the bud.

Kora Peters is a professional woman worried what her daughter, Tess Morgan, will do when she runs off to college in the fall. More accurately, she is concerned who she will do. Getting proactive, she asks her office assistant Derek to help Tess with a few things because when you’re a mom you “have to worry about every dick in the neighborhood.” Until now, Kora has kept Tess under lock. Today, she is going to be under cock, licking and sucking Derek’s hard dick until she knows the proper way to do it.

Last, but not least, Grace Evangeline has her mug session with her man interrupted by Alyssa Branch’s sob story about her date leaving early. But the two don’t seem to care too much about her troubles. When Alyssa bitches about how unfair the world is, mom turns her attention to her beleaguered daughter. Turns out she was getting into it with her man, but her awful head made him turn tail and run. Apparently he got better head from his vacuum cleaner. Mom suggests she get someone to practice on and she knows just the person …

Suck that cock, darling, and make Momma proud!


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Running Time:   129 minutes
Released:   09/2011
Studio Name:   Devil’s Film  Devils Film