Bra Busting Babysitters

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Bra Busting BabysittersIf you, like many classic porn fans, prefer women free of silicone and collagen, this collection of 1960s-70s stag loops will be a refreshing reminder of what you love about old XXX movies. Bra Busting Babysitters is a collection with many gorgeous girls and a few surreal surprises. Although most of these scenes don’t feature babysitters, they do all include at least one busty girl. Those with a breast fetish will find themselves coming back to it again and again.

The first loop features two of the most stunning women in porn history. Jacqueline Lorians is a succulent redhead with cherry lips, and the equally sexy Anna Ventura can’t help masturbating just looking at her. Seeing this, Jacqueline begins to kiss her and Anna pulls down Jacqueline’s top to reveal beautiful natural tits that she can’t wait to lick. Anna worships Jacqueline’s puffy nipples with her tongue in a cock-stiffening sequence that deserves repeat viewings. Anna dives between Jacqueline’s stocking-clad legs, licking her clit while finger-fucking her hairy pussy. With Anna’s t-shirt pulled up to reveal the incredible natural wonders on her chest, Jacqueline takes her turn playing with Anna. On her back with her ass lifted high, Anna slowly pulls off her shorts, giving us an excellent side view of her flat stomach, the curve of her lower back, and the twin hills of her beautiful breasts. Anna and Jacqueline take turns licking and sucking each other’s tits and clits, ending with a sixty-nine session. They pleasure each other’s stunning bodies beautifully and the only complaint is that it ends too soon.

Next is a loop featuring a wavy-haired blonde with two massive, tan-lined tits and one guy for each of them. They suck her nipples and in turn she slobs their knobs. She keeps busy with a cock at each end, and takes one cumshot on her belly while the other fills her mouth. If you prefer girl-girl-boy threesomes, then you’ll want to give scene four a look. For those with a taste for more exotic sex, scene five’s fetish theme and scene six’s orgy are not to be missed.

Or maybe you’d be more interested in the bizarreness of scene 10, in which an apparently lonely guy imagines that his crudely made sex doll is a sexy blonde girl and, through his imagination, she “comes to life” so they can have sex in some acrobatic positions. It’s the most tender, loving relationship between a man and his doll since Lars and the Real Girl.

Scene 11 continues the theme of sexual make-believe in a different way. A woman in male drag, looking a bit like Natalie Portman with a mullet and a fake moustache, picks up a buxom blonde in a bar, gets her strap-on sucked, and fucks the blonde with it. Meanwhile the bartender looks on in amazement. Soon, the women turn their attention to tasting his throbbing hard-on, which he inserts into the blonde. By now, the girl in male drag has taken off her moustache and all of her clothes to reveal that she’s a good-looking, elfin babe with nice tits of her own.

Although the loops after scene 11 are much more your everyday vintage porn scenes, they all offer the type of realistic sex that classic porn fans love. Big tit fans will especially love the final scene, featuring a very sexually forward, black-haired babe with the biggest breasts out of every girl in the movie.

With the exception of Jacqueline Lorians and Anna Ventura, most of these girls are unknown in the U.S. There’s no dialogue, for those who aren’t familiar with 8mm film. These being pre-Viagra, each loop is shorter than we’ve grown used to with modern porn, but Alpha Blue Archives packs a lot of fuck for the buck into this compilation.

Stars: Jacqueline Lorians Anna Ventura Rene Bond
Categories: Big Tits Teen Classic All Sex Babysitters 70′s
Running Time: 120 minutes
Released: 12/1970
Studio Name: Alpha Blue Archives

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