Sex Boat

Posted in Classic on June 20th, 2011
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Sex Boat

Eighteen of the most beautiful girls and two of the ugliest from Penthouse, Chic and Hustler welcome you aboard the cruise of your life in Sex Boat, a true classic of adult cinema. Actually, the ugly broads are really Robert Lyon and Randy West, two industrious rubes who are horny enough and daring enough to gad about in women’s wear as they attempt to stowaway on a six-week, all-female cruise full of socialites and other high society types.

While sneaking onto the sea-bound vessel would be adventure enough for most, the fun is only starting for these two as they target and then seduce passengers and crew members while on deck, in their sleeping quarters and anywhere else they get the opportunity.

Roxanne Potts stars as the hot-as-balls captain. Jeanette James, Camilla Franklin, Eve Evans, Lynn Warlaumont and Kris Munroe are her crew. Lovely Kandy Barbour is the ship’s purser. Terry Galko, Pamela Nimo, Shirley McCracken and Andrea Parducci are passengers. And blonde babe Silvia Moser plays Laura, a precocious teen whose aunt desperately wants her to develop a bit of refinement.

With a whopping ten scenes encompassing just under 90 minutes of action, the sex really is, as the box says, “wetter than the water around it.” And now, having been fully remastered with digital sound and superior picture quality, the fucking is much clearer as well! If you’re a retro porn fan, you’ll absolutely adore this Love Boat/Bosom Buddies hybrid, along with pristine bodies free of artwork and, of course, the bountiful quantities of new wave bush.

Sex Boat is a keeper.


Stars:   Roxanne Potts Kelly Nichols Jeanette James Kandi Barbour Linda Reeves Silvia Moser Dana Dennis Renee La Paz Robert Lyon Pamela Jennings Randy West Cody Nicole Cory Baby Little Oral Annie Thomas Stone Loni Sanders Kevin James Stephanie Hillary Summers Mike Ranger R.J. Reynolds Greg Michaels Copper Penny Eve Evans Terry Galko Sherrie Smith Shirley McCracken Vicky Steele Camilla Franklin Dawn Swenson Jean King Kathy Hesun Kelly Hamilton Kris Munroe Linda Wogoman Lucy Bush Lynn Warlaumont Douglas Fairbank Svetlana Sue Holland Trudy Mabsen Alan Katz Bill Owen Sam Kinney Sam Lito

Categories: Feature Classic 80′s

Running Time:   83 minutes

Released:   09/1980
Studio Name:   VCX Home of the Classics
Director:   David Frazer




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