It’s Okay She’s My StepDaughter 5

Posted in New Release on November 5th, 2010
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It's Okay She's My Stepdaughter 5

No, it’s not okay.

If it were okay to steal sex from your step-daughter, going back again and again and again and again as if she were an all-you-can-eat buffet, the phrase “Don’t tell mom” wouldn’t come up as often as it does in routine conversation. But how can you blame these guys, when the moms are never home and some tight-pussied floosies are waving their asses and perfect tits in their faces? You can’t.

Blood may be thicker than water, but it’s certainly less viscous than a big gooey load. And the little word “step” means that a romp with some young sprite is not violating any genetic or moral code. No relation, no regrets. Yeah, there is a bit of a parental dynamic in play, but there’s got to be much worse stuff that goes on in the backwoods of some states than what goes on right here. *cue dueling banjo music*

In the first scene, Ashli Orion walks the streets alone because her boyfriend is not answering his phone. He was supposed to drive her home from school. Thankfully, her step-dad John drives by and notices her. He’s a music executive and she quickly develops the hots for the new A&R guy, who happens to be along for the ride. When they get home, Ashli tells the young development scout that she’s a rapper, a laughable concept. Even the rep mocks her asking if the rich girl raps about purses and shoes. But, she’s more into rhymes about fat asses and cock, proof of which is on her iPad. After letting him listen to her chops, she performs the rap for real. Funny how she turns rouge letting him listen to her work, but not from getting her tiny tits and ass all naked for a complete stranger. Of course, step-dad walks back in as the two get close. He’s all bluster, getting angry even though the hard-on in his pants betrays him. Ashley drops to her knees and sucks off both guys. There is also plenty of 3-Way, Modeling, Fingercuffing – Vaginal, Throat Fucking, Deep Throating, and Ball Sucking to help get her a record deal in record time.

In scene two, Dani Jensen lounges out by the pool, her pale skin and red hair sparkling in the sun. She is waiting for the return of her friend Gigi Rivera, who is inside the house. Gigi, however, has just walked in on her step-dad Talon stroking himself while watching Dani through the giant plate glass window facing the pool. The negligible blood line means Gigi is free to suck off Talon’s massive tool. As she does so, Dani gets impatient and goes inside to look for her friend. She finds Gigi and her mouth on Talon’s prick. Dani fakes shock and awe, quickly stripping off her bikini to reveal her cute tits and hot little body. Gigi, meanwhile has a tight teen body as well, especially her tiny little pussy, which she reveals in short order. Though the pussy eating is miced up a little too much, you’ll find some more good threeway action that includes Vaginal Fingering, Cunnilingus, Masturbation, and some really hot Blow Job action by these two cuties.

Adriana Kelly, in scene 3, is hung over. She drank way too much the night before and she’s doing all she can do to shake the horrible feeling, including lying on her bed, cheek to the sheets and ass in the air. Step-dad Marco Rivera strolls by the open door and can’t help but take some cell phone photos of the spectacle. The shutter click tips off Adriana who chides him, but realizes she is actually turned on by the overt level of voyeurism shown by her step-pop. She needs to sweat out the alcohol, and knows just the way to do it. Marco is nervous, though, and begins speaking in Spanish as he is wont to do when he gets agitated. She pulls him onto the bed, whips out his cock, and whips off her top revealing one of the sweetest pair of natural tits you’ll see anywhere. They are astounding. Naturally, there is some Breast Play, plus Vaginal Fingering, some Handjob action and some nice shots of her devouring Marco’s stiff dick. Be sure not to miss the hot close-up of Adrianna as she jams two fingers into her twat while Marco tongues her asshole. It’s good stuff!

Finally, there is the oblivious Kylee Reese, prancing around in her underwear with headphones on. As she bounds into the bathroom, she draws serious attention to her bouncy ass and her carelessness, walking in on her step-dad who happens to be in the shower. She runs off, embarrassed with step-father in chase. He confronts her just before Kylee’s mouth confronts his cock, sucking him off on the fold-out couch. They maneuver into a 69 and Kylee shows of her skill doing scales on the cock flute. The long-haired blonde cutie likes to talk dirty while she’s engaging in her Breast Play, 69, and Vaginal Sex, especially the great spoon-style shot and while burying her face into the sheets during a doggie fuck. She even takes a nice load to the face as a closer.

IOSMS 5 is a solid addition to the ever-growing series. The girls are hot, alternating between tiny tit cuties and large natural-breasted beauties like Adriana. While the fantasy is the same every time by definition, the boys at Devil’s Film do a good job of not drawing attention to it with some very good fuck scenes and some nice camera angles. So, even though fucking your step-daughter is not okay, this edition of the series most certainly is. Check it out.

We promise we won’t tell mom.

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Running Time:   126 minutes
Released:   09/2010
Studio Name:   Devil’s Film Devils Film

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